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Women’s Leadership Academy has launched an initiative, which invites representatives of 24 declared lists for local elections in Belgrade to commit themselves to respect the principles of gender equality and equal opportunities in all segments of political activity, activities during the election campaign, as well as during formation of City Assembly. Particularly, that they will delegate at least 30% of women from their parties to the decision-making positions after the elections on March 4, 2018, and that they will not encourage elected women councilors to give up their mandate.

In the forthcoming elections, 1554 persons are nominated, and the total number of women candidates on 24 declared lists is 609 (39,19%), which shows that parties have understood the importance of women’s participation and gave them more space on their lists. Despite this progress, statistical data indicate that there are significantly fewer women at the decision-making positions. Therefore, it is important that the future ruling majority in Belgrade give space to women so they can show their potentials.

What is good for women is good for society too!

You can download the text of the initiative here.

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