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Fourth meeting between the alumni of Women Leadership Academy (WLA) and representatives of the civil sector was held in Novi Pazar, on 14 March 2017. This meeting was specific in a sense that the initiative came from one of our alumni, Misala Zukorlic, who helped get city of Novi Pazar on board as partner in organization.

Also, this was the first meeting organized out of Belgrade, which was logistically demanding, but absolutely justified given the number of participants Academy had in the Sandzak region and several very active women’s organizations operating there.

In the introductory part, Marija Srdic and Bogdan Urosevic shared background information about the Academy, its activities and plans, while Nebojsa Ravic, Deputy Mayor of Novi Pazar welcomed all participants and expressed his satisfaction that there are programs educating and motivating women to be more active in politics.

During the meeting Misala Zukorlic presented situation in Novi Pazar in the field of political participation, stressing how there are many more women in politics than ten years ago and that it is largely for the quota system which enabled women to reach certain positions. As Misala said, the situation is not ideal, but there is a noticeable shift. She appealed to all women politicians to work together, to show solidarity and to reach a compromise on the minimum that will represent for the benefit of women and the whole community.

The situation in the field of women’s rights in Sandzak, and in Serbia in general, was presented the by experienced activists Zibija Sarenkapic (DamaD), Aida Corovic and Dzeneta Agovic (Impulse). After their presentations, space was opened for discussion, and we heard a lot of proposals and formulate conclusions together.

The participants of the meeting agreed that it would be great to set up an alumni club Sandzak WLA and so to continue to discuss and work together to promote and protect women’s rights, as well as to organize a special training / seminar on which to continue to deal with issues that have been raised the Women Leadership Academy.

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