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Women Leadership Academy program completed in Belgrade

On 19 April, Women Leadership Academy organized the conference “Women Leaders in the Fight against Discrimination” with the support of USAID Serbia.

Did you know that in Serbia…

only 43% of women are employed, vs. 56% of men?

Of the 31 directors of banks, only 10 are women?

That women lead only 6 public enterprises, and only 9% of the largest business organizations?

And all this while they graduate in greater numbers, especially in the field of social sciences.

And finally, the worst figure of them all: 330 women have lost their lives as victims of violence over the past 10 years.

As in her introductory speech Commissioner Brankica Jankovic said, “the situation will never be good.” That’s why we all have to continue to do what we do, even harder. “Thank you for being here, for existing,” said Jankovic to the participants of the program.

A panel discussion immediately followed, with Sonja Licht moderating  Marija Lugaric, Elvira Kovac, Gordana Comic and Brankica Janković,  Commissioner for Equality.

What was said:

“Maybe it’s time we start talking with men when it comes to these issues.” “Time of crisis gives us an opportunity to radicalize our approach.” (Marija Lugaric).

“Why are we not present in the political parties? Part of the problem lies in us, in the attitude that politics is a dirty thing.” “We (Party of Vojvodina Hungarians) have achieved a lot with the Women’s Forum, which has existed for seven years in our party.” (Elvira Kovac)

“Three things: support a woman in every place; self-confidence; and –  provoke discrimination, where necessary, from the position of the Left, in order to fight backward thinking.” (Gordana Comic)

“We talk with the leaders in business community, we want to open a debate on discrimination in the economy” (Brankica Jankovic).

The work was completed in groups, moderated by experts of the Women Leadership Academy.

We spoke about the sustainability of the program # leaders and sought practical solutions to problems along the way.

Five groups, nearly one hundred alumnae, countless good ideas!

Text and photos: Women Leadership Academy

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