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Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence is organizing on Monday, 4 June 2018, sixth Belgrade Dialogues; and first to be held in Berlin.

The year 2018 is in many ways seen as the crucial for the beginning of the end of the negotiations between Belgrade and Priština. The tension in both societies becomes stronger as the pressure for a “comprehensive legally binding agreement” becomes ever more present on the political agenda.

By organizing this event in Berlin we would like to present both – Serbian and Kosovar views on the negotiation process and how it should end. We think that the democratization of the negotiating process is of utmost importance. We would also like to advocate for the greater role of the EU – or Germany in this case as one of the most powerful EU countries, in the reaching of consensus since we believe that this is the only way to achieve long lasting normalization of relations.

This is why we organize the round table in which significant German decision-makers from Bundestag, government and political foundations and institutes, as well as experts from Serbia and Kosovo, who will report on the status of negotiations and take part in the discussion on the modalities for closure of this process, will take part.

This round of Belgrade Dialogues is supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy, Wilfried Martens Centre and Robert Bosch Foundation.

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