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The third and final national seminar of the BFPE Annual Seminar will be held in Subotica, from 16-18 June 2017.

The Annual Seminar is one of the most important continuous programs of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE). This program is realized in cooperation with the Council of Europe. The program of the Annual Seminar reflects the intention of the BFPE  to extend the participants’ knowledge of the European values and institutions, process of European and Euro-Atlantic integration, as well as principles of the Council of Europe.

Participants of the 13th generation will have an opportunity to listen numerous experts in the field of European integration, security, foreign policy and migration at the third seminar „New European Security Agenda: Stability – Security – Regional Cooperation”.

Program of the third seminar will be devoted to foreign and security issues, regional cooperation, and migration issues. The seminar is designed in the form of interactive lectures and workshops, where participants will address following issues: Serbia’s Road to the EU, the Belgrade Pristina Dialogue, Brexit, challenges of the EU foreign and security policy, as well as migration flows in the region and beyond.

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