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On Saturday, 23 December, constitutive meeting of the Alumni Club of the Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) was held, where, among the issues of constitution and planning of further work, was the question of future cooperation and involvement of the Women’s Leadership Academy in the regional initiative “Women of the Balkans for a New Politics”.

On this occasion,working groups were established within the alumni club; representative of the alumni was added to the managing board of the Women Leadership Academy, now a civil society organization; while its work plan was prepared and adopted.

In the second part of the session, Bogdan Urosevic presented the initiative “Women of the Balkans for New Politics” on behalf of BFPE. After discussion, it was agreed that the newly established networking and cooperation group of WLA alumni should propose models for contributing to this regional initiative. Work proposals include the involvement of alumni and the Academy in the activities of the network in Serbia, regional exchange of experiences and good practices with similar programs, educating politicians in the public sphere, and proposing topics that could come to the agenda of the regional initiative. In relation to the current topics of the initiative, it was suggested that network and cooperation group and the group for economy and women’s entrepreneurship should engage more with the initiative.

More details about working groups of the alumni club are available on the website of the Women’s Leadership Academy.

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