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BFPE appeals for continuing assistance to citizens affected by the floods

It has been only a week since Serbia and two neighbouring countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia – have been affected by devastating floods. Nature has forced thousands of people to leave their homes; while the death toll in Serbia and BIH has passed 50. This has been the final warning. It is time to demand from decision makers to invest more energy, knowledge and funds in building what is a system of civil defense, prevention of erosion and maintaining irrigation and draining channels – all activities which have been tragically overlooked.

The week behind us has, however been marked by something else: solidarity with those affected, demonstrated across the region. Ordinary citizens, who do not own much themselves, have helped in numerous ways: they were volunteers, donors, they alarmed and warned. Water erased all boundaries: flood doesn’t discriminate on the grounds of religion, nationality, color, political option or wealth. Hope remains that this is not just a passing moment of empathy, but a real, lasting change in how we behave and treat each other.

Yesterday Government of Serbia declared the situation of emergency over, leaving it in force in several of worst hit municipalities. As the water recedes, the scale of tragedy becames obvious. Hundreds and hundreds of homes are no longer suitable for life; roads have been cut, leaving many communities isolated. This is why your help will still remain necessary. You can make your contribution to the rebuilding effort most directly through bank accounts listed below. BFPE will continue – as many others have done – to post announcements and links to its Fb and Twitter profiles referring to ways to help those in need.

Let’s not forget them!


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