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Consultations with civil society of Serbia on UN MDGs (millenium development goals) of sustainable development post-2015

Program description

The United Nations in Serbia, in cooperation with the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence and SeConS, conducted national consultations, which helped define development priorities for the period after 2015 and became an integral part of the global UN report.

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Program description

As a result of the first phase of this process, carried out in 2013, people in Serbia called for the development of culture, strengthening the spirit of responsibility, tolerance and social cohesion. Serbia was chosen by the United Nations as one of six countries in the world in which will be held the second phase of national consultations focused exclusively on culture and development.

In the new round of consultations, the citizens of Serbia have the chance to say how they see the role of culture in development processes; as well as how they see the relationship of culture with: poverty, education, gender equality, sustainable cities and urbanization, environmental protection and climate change, as well as social inclusion and reconciliation.

As part of the second phase of consultations three workshops with representatives of civil society organizations in Serbia were held, namely:

  • 8 October 2015, Novi Sad – Culture, gender equality, social inclusion and reconciliation;
  • October 16, Niš – Culture, poverty reduction and education;
  • 23 October, Belgrade – Culture, sustainable cities, urbanization and climate change.

Conclusions of these consultative workshops will become an integral part of Serbia contribution to the global discussion of future development agenda of the UN, but also help in better understanding of the importance of culture for sustainable development of Serbia.

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