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BFPE President Sonja Licht took an active role in the 7th Annual Roma League Conference, which today took place in Soko Banja, where she discussed the effects of implementation of Roma-related policies in Serbia today.

Ms. Licht said:

It is time for young Roma to take their rightful place in our society as participants and creators of policies alike. In this way, it becomes possible to overcome the unpleasant fact that even the young and educated Roma who are integrated (in our society) remain “invisible” to wider public; and vice versa, that those who are already visible are not integrated.

The annual conference was used to present the results of Roma League in the past year – its coordination with different boards and commissions, as well as prospects for further implementation of Roma Decade processes in Serbia.

Here you can watch the full recording of Ms. Licht’s address in Serbian language, thanks to Mr. Osman Balic and Mr. Turkijan Redzepi of Romaworld production:

This post is also available in SRP.

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