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As the 15th anniversary of our work comes near, we decided to dedicate the next cycle of the Annual Seminar – being our most important educational program since BFPE was established – to the generations of our former students, present alumni, as we see them as our most valuable achievement and resource.

Over the years, the network of alumni of this program has grown to over 350 members, representing political parties, state and local administration, civil society, media, the judiciary, business sector and other actors within our society. All this time we have tried to include our alumni in various programs at both national and regional level.

Necessary synergy of all social actors, primarily the institutions, but done through individuals, has been the guiding idea in ​​the work of our organization.

The Annual Seminar is the most important nucleus of all BFPE activities, because it involves learning through conversation, understanding, and argumentative debate with results at service of development of the whole society.

This cycle of the Annual Seminar we want to dedicate to our alumni, ones who have already undergone such an educational process. It is our intention to stir up a discussion about Serbia’s strategic development, what future brings, country’s relationship with the region and towards Europe. This time we want to use the capacities of our alumni to raise the bar of the debate and “wake up” all the possibilities this joint work and the necessity of continuous learning can bring.

Annual Seminar 2017/18 will be organized around three events, each dedicated to one cluster of topics critical for Serbia’s development. We believe that alumni with all their previous experience can, in the atmosphere of an open dialogue, exchange of opinions and attitudes, make a step forward in certain areas of public life.

The first event (Zrenjanin, 8-10 December) will focus on the topic of facing the past and the culture of reconciliation. Second will be dedicated to institutions and their development, while the third one will discuss the position of Serbia in the region, Europe and the world.

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