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The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, The Centre of Modern Skills and The Centre for Support of Women in Kikinda, with the generous support of USAID Serbia would like to cordially invite you to apply for participation in The Women’s Leadership Academy, which is to be held between 29th and October 2nd  in Zrenjanin (for participants form Vojvodina and Belgrade) and between September 15th and September 18th in Kragujevac (for participants from other parts of Serbia).

The Academy is a four-day training intended for women leaders from different parties, interested in actively taking part in forming the Serbian political life and contributing to women’s position in the society through their engagement. The Women’s Leadership Academy is a program which was conducted in Serbia by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) until 2013, when it was taken over by three organizations at an open contest.

The Academy is meant for women politicians which meet the following requirements:

  • They are active members of political parties, political movements or citizens groups
  • They hold a public office (in executive or legislative government) or have a desire to run for a public office
  • They are ready to build their careers through continuous learning and are interested in the gender equality topic
  • They believe in values of solidarity – they desire to act and react in situations where women are being attacked or when women are in need of help and encouragement
  • If they are selected, they will meet the obligations taken within The Women’s Leadership Academy

A special focus will be on political parties, organizations and citizens groups whose members are present in the new convocation of representative bodies – the republic’s and provincial legislature, as well as municipality assemblies. In order to form a balanced group of participants, we especially encourage members of national minority communities to apply for The Academy.

This year, The Academy will take on the following subjects:

  • The history and results of the battle for women’s human rights
  • Discussion with national and provincial women lawmakers
  • The political system and the importance of women’s participation in the political decision-making process
  • Local policies on gender equality
  • Position of women from groups at risk
  • Leadership skills the women’s way
  • Public performance skills, argumentation and debates

Aside from lectures, trainings and workshops dealing with the mentioned subjects, the program of The Academy incorporates additional activities. Alongside acquiring knowledge and skills, the Academy’s trainees will gain an opportunity to meet and speak to experienced women politicians-MPs, as well as women leaders successful in various professions and roles. The Academy will also include screenings of films with suitable themes that are to be discussed, as well as producing videos and analysis of public appearances of each participant. Finally, a certain amount of time will be dedicated to acquaintance, networking and socializing among the participants.

Key information on the program:

  • The program of The Academy is to be conducted through a four-day seminar and follow-up activities: meetings with institutions and mechanisms dealing with gender equality, advocacy for improvement of the normative framework, as well as meetings with women’s NGOs.
  • The seminars will include up to 30 participants
  • The lecturers on the seminars are distinguished experts and public personas
  •  The organisers will cover the seminar, accommodation, transfer fees, as well as additional costs for follow-up activities
  • The participants at The Women’ Leadership Academy will receive a certificate for successful completion of the program upon its conclusion and will become a part of The Academy’s Alumni Club.

The candidates should fill out an online application for The Women’s Leadership Academy including their reasons for their engagement in politics and gender equality, no later than Monday, July 18th 2016. For further information please contact our program coordinator, Mr. Bogdan Urošević either by phone: +381 11 3036 520 or via email at  [email protected].

The selection process will take place between July 18th and August 18th and will be conducted based on following criteria:

– Manifestation of motivation for political engagement

– Experience and previous engagement in politics on the field of equal rights

– The function preformed within the political party/movement

– Participation in executive or legislative government, or public administrative bodies

The reports from the previous Academy seminars can be accessed on the Women’s Leadership Academy website: Novi Sad and Nis

The program of The Women’s Leadership Academy is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). The program content is the exclusive responsibility of The Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, The Centre of Modern Skills and The Centre for Support of Women and does not represent the actual stands and positions of the USAID or the Government of The United States of America.


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