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The Women Leadership Academy, as a unique education program aimed at women engaging in public affairs, brings together different profiles of people who can contribute to its mission. Wishing to open a real space for the participation of our associates and guests, we have adapted its management structure accordingly. Following the formation of the alumni club, next up was program committee.

At the last session of the Academy’s assembly, Biljana Maletin, Sonja Lokar, Marija Srdić, Bogdan Urošević, Svetlana Stefanović, Suzana Trninić and Denis Kolundžija became members of the program committee. Committee’s first meeting focused on the work of the Academy, with program committee’s competences presented. Rules of Procedure were considered and it was proposed to the Assembly that Biljana Maletin be chosen as a representative of the program committee in Academy’s Management Board.

With this, all the bodies of the Academy are constituted.

Report and photos: Women Leadership Academy

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